Upcoming Movie “Shah” Official Trailer

This video is a trailer of an upcoming film named “Shah”. This movie is going to be based on the struggle of a small child who is born on streets but destined to rule. His struggles, his insecurities, his failures and then his success is what the film would be based on. The trailer is very wonderful. The camera work, the editing and most of all the acting of the people involved in the making of the film is amazing. It is basically a story of a child who is ambitious for boxing and wants to pursue his career in this field. He is also very strong even after facing all the challenges and the problems. He is very focused on what he has to do which is the only reason why he faces criticism by many people and still goes on and on and doesn’t lose hope. This film is releasing on independence day and i am sure it will be a source of inspiration for every person who will watch it.



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