What a Slap on Waqar Zaka’s Face by a girl! A must watch video

What A Slap On The Face Of Waqar Zaka On Burka… by shoxee1

Social media is turning into a single point of vision for all the audience who seek to keep them updated from all the  social  happenings within their surroundings. Recently, reality show host Waqar Zaka uploaded a video sharing his views regarding the independence day incident where few boys were found humiliating a woman on bike while they were all busy in celebrating their so called national day. Waqar condemned them and also offered a 50,000 rs of reward to the audience who could help in finding the culprits.

As a response to his video uploaded a week back, one of his x-fans reciprocated her views and counter attacked him!

Share your views about it!

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