What Meera Did When She was on Shoot ?



The Lollywood actress Meera is now likely known for the rumors and attitude problems that she is causing for different channels these days. Lately, Nadia Khan’s exposing morning show on Meera has done half of the job, here is a second version shared by veteran actress Fazila qazi. Know what Meera did on the set during the shoot in the video above.

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  • Waqar Ayub

    I LOST ALL RESPECT for fazeela qazi, after watching this clip . Meera is anyday a better person then you two KUTNEES because atleast she never talked rubbish against you in front of the whole world. PERIOD !!!

    • Hijaab Ali

      agreed ye zruri nhi k jo insan educated ho wo sensible b ho or ye b zruri n k jo insan illiterat ho wo sensible na ho or is bat ka sbut ye video h ye host h wo itni achi actres but sense nam ki cheez se bilkul na waqif h no doubt k jo bat or jis tra ye log bta re h wo such b ho who knows the reality behind the scene

  • Fakhre Alam

    look at these people doing gheebat of each other on TV and calling it bluntness. Allah in ko hidayat dain aur hamiian bhi. aameen

  • Candle

    Jb inn k pass koi chatpata topic nhi hota discuss karny k liye to meera inko yaad a jati hai…chor do uska picha!!

    • Hijaab Ali

      yehi to problm h hmare media ka unhe msala lga k bat phelani hoti h na k reality ko janna yaha insaaf k naam se hzaro shows mile ge mgr insaaf dene wale log n 1 topic mil jae use tab tak ghseet-te h jb tak koi or news na mil jae msala lgane ko