What Shahrukh Khan Replied When His Daughter Asked About Her Religion ??


Being a Muslim living in a Hindu country, being married to a Hindu, Shahrukh Khan has always spoken for the rights of Muslim but he recently shared an amazing experience of his life where his own daughter came up to him and asked about her religion. See what he replied.

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  • Wallis

    Indian Muslims do face these kinds of questions and challenges in India, according to these Hindus, Islam is a conservative religion which doesn’t give freedom to its followers.

    Islam is not basically about freedom, Islam is a religion which balances a persons life. In Islam neither extremism nor liberalism is accepted, Islam talks about balance in life and way of thinking.

  • sadia

    lol mazak banaya hai Islam ka first of all muslim tab tak hindo say shadi nai kar sakte jab tak wo Islam qabol na kare or mulim na ho jae and second of all agara hindo say shadi kar b lete hai koi b muslim to wo shadi qabol nai hogi Allah k nazar main or on say hone waly sare bache najaez hongy or abi sharukh ne khud yee kaha k osne apne bacho ko kaha k wo christen hai yani na to wo hindo howe or na muslim yee log khud hi apne bacho ko jawab nai de sakte q k jawab hai he nai to es waja say Allah ne hukam diya hai k muslim muslim say shadi kare

    • Liaqat Afridi

      well Gorri is haram for him……………. Good statement & perfect comment

    • Sadiq

      You good

    • abhimanyu panwar

      Sadia I’m not a Muslim but I’m an Indian citizen who respects every religion and Quran me pyaar karna sikhaya h nafrat nahi.so please done say anything to SRK.and for your very kind information SRK said that he is reading mahabharata(a Hindu sacred book).He is surely a good person in the eyes of Allah.

  • Liaqat Afridi

    SRK is not a Muslim….. it is not Islam to be a Muslim by name… being a Muslim you have to accept the orders of Allah & to follow the way of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)… As he read some verses of Qurran is not the Identity…. to believe and accept and to put that in both #Rohani & #jismani features will be regarded a Muslim and it is a perfect identity to faraway from the religion you fell threat to secure your Deen in your heart not to bring to your home in a base of #Gorri Khan… no habits and manners of Muslims are in SRK life… to show himself a Muslim in the cover media he recite few verses and show being an actor act like a Muslims… but reality is dammed different.

    • Asim Malik

      You are right Liaqat Bhai, SRK is not a muslim in any way, He Kept Quran and Geeta in his prayer room. He was saying in his video to his kids (The inner/outer world of SRK) released in 2005 that its ok to pray both Allah and Bhagwan. Now he is saying to daughter Suhana that its ok to say you are Christian. He is himself so confused about religion. I heard from a reliable source that he smokes and drinks a lot.

      • Aysha

        his smoking, drinking or religion does not bring any harm to any other human beings. He has helped millions of people and took them out of misrey, He might be a better person in Allah’s eyes than you and me. So dont judge people.

        • Sholay

          I never said he is a bad person or bad human being. He is just confused about his religion.

        • Aa

          ALLAH NEVER FORGIVE YOU IF YOU DO SHERIQ MEAN TO SHARE WITH Allaha …..his kids are ….because in Islam you can’t merry who doesn’t believe Allah Muslim can only merry Muslim , Christian, Jews one more those does exist any more who believe four Books …. other then that it’s Zeena which kids take birth with Zeena what you call…

          • Aysha

            Dont blindly believe in everything your hear from molvies. The only islam you know is the islam of jahil mullahs of sub-continent and wahibism of saudi arabia. Islamic scholars in other countries (like moroco, indonesia, malysia, turkey) dont think this way. Their interpretation of Islam is totally different. Always use your brain and logic. Religion has always been used to control masses by telling them thats what god wants so no one could question them. If you question them, they will say ” you are not a muslim, are you saying god is wrong?” . But we have to think, is that what god really wants what they are saying?

          • Muhammad

            MUSLIM MEANS SUBMITTING A WILL TO GOD.MEANS ONLY ONE God,Allah.But he is workshipping both allah and bhagwan.i know u r a muslim ayesha.U know one thing allah will not forgive the person who worship idols,making partners considering gods.ALLAH (swt) tells us not to workship false gods .if u do that allah said i will put u in hell forever.Then why shah rukh khan done these stuffs?This is really insane.If he is sure about his religion why he pray other stuffs.Maybe u will answer my question.

        • Sayan Sengupta

          Rightly said Ayesha ……..No one is perfect , neither SRK nor the people who are criticising him. But even then SRK is probably a much better person than those who are pointing fingers at him for the sake of Islam only, because he can’t stoop so low to point back finger at his critics…..as the saying goes – if you point finger at others, your rest three fingers are pointing at yourself. The history of the world only remembers those people who brought changes for good in the evolvement of human civilization following the path of the greatest religion i.e. HUMANITY that should be the sole identity of all humans on this planet…..and not Islam or Hinduism nor christianity etc. followed blindly by those narrow minded fools who make their religion their sole identity but forget that they are the least important objects in the greater dimension of time and space that the universe, this world and the human race have gone through.

    • BehanLog

      That is why I stopped to watch his Movies after watching his home rituals and as a actor he is also a overrated ….there are many better than him Irrfan khan and Nawazuddin for exampel….

      • Aysha

        Shahrukh khan might be a much better human being than so called “Muslim” actors you mentioned about. His religion does not bring any harm to other human beings, He has helped millions of people and took them out of misery, He might be a better person in Allah’s eyes than you and me. So dont judge people.

        • BehanLog

          U also said might be so no one have the answer for woh is a better muslim. I compered his and others ACTING skille not bad or good muslim….
          U have a habit of nagging and to be negative about my comments….Infact many are agree With me and I also have the right to say or tell my opinion on this…..I did not judge him…..

        • BehanLog


        • Muhammad


    • Aysha

      so you gave a fatwa that sharukh khan is not a muslim. some mullahs told you what are sharia rules and you just blindly accepted it without using any logic and brains. Who knows who is a better human being, you or shahrukh khan? who knows who is more closer to Allah, you or shahrukh khan? Dont judge people like that. I think the only bad people in the world are who are bringing harm to other people. Being a muslim, hindu or Christian doesnt bring harm to anyone. Shahrukh has helped millions of poeple financially and took them out of misery, So again, you and me dont know who is closer to god. Only Allah knows.

  • Amrood

    What the hell is he talking about. He has no clue and should not be asked to comment. SRK is just a star who will never say anything which is politically incorrect

  • arabian

    @ Ayesha I agree with you We shouldn’t say someone is Muslim or not. However, logically speaking he is doing something wrong and discussing it opening there are many ppl who look up to him and get inspired by him because he is a so called ” good actor” which has nothing to do with his religion.
    Plus how do you he has helped many poor ppl are you one of them that you can say with such certainty. As you are repeating your self let say if he has done that there must be a reason to gain popularity and be at the top.