Why is Fawad Khan Acting Weird Is He Drunk ??


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  • Desy

    Saaf drunk lag raha hai iss beghairat ka boycott hona chahiye for doing a gay role.

    • Javeria S.

      how do you know, did you drank too with him that day?

      • qasir janu

        such a ridiculous in the end of your comment a person who himself doesn’t like to do a kiss scene openly but it does not look good to his personality to be so liberal by promoting gay relation very easily in the family

  • rozie

    fawad khan is an extreme diabetic and he looks hypogycimic that is why he wanted something sweet to chew on. you look some what drunk or disoriented when your sugar is extremely low.

    • BehanLog

      Im absolutely…agree With U ..wish U could reply this to Desy on this page….:)

  • Sara

    He was just stupid in the film

  • Sara

    Waste of time the Movie was

  • Aysha Sahar

    I think is ki sugar low ho rahi hey

  • Aysha Sahar

    I am also diabetic I can understand, your mind does not work when your blood sugar level goes down

  • Abida Sayyid

    he has type one diabetes which is insulin dependent hence such people can suffer from severe hypoglycemia and have to take a candy or chocolate to recover from it as he did in this video