Why Sharmeela Farooqi Slapped a man on Plane

Sharmeela farooqi visited a morning show as a respected guest. She was asked a question that arises in everyone’s mind. Recently one of her video came out in which she slapped a man and everyone had this perception that she used her authority or she did this in her ego but the truth is that she always does what she feels like doing. She felt that it was her moral duty and she did that. That person tried to say a few words which she can not mention publicly and she couldn’t tolerate those words which is why she slapped him. Sharmeela also said that when a woman steps out of house to do something she carries a lot of responsibility with her and that is the only reason she tries to be careful but some people in the society act in such a way that they bring a bad name to the whole society. Watch the video and give your comments about it.

Written By: Moomal Hassan.

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