Zubaida Apa Describes A Funny Incident

Zubaida Apa is known for her famous cooking and her skills. She was recently invited at geo morning show as a guest. All women and girls of the country look up to her for tips and guidance to make their lives and their domestic relations better. She described a funny incident where one of her fans wrote her a letter. She wanted to become the daughter in law of Zubaida apa. She even tried to visit her house. Firstly Zubaida apa did not reply but then she did. She told her that her son is already married. Zubaida Apa is such a generous and kind lady that every girl wants to be her daughter in law. She also added in her views that according to her, no mother in law is bad or strict. Media has created these distances in between the mother and daughters in law. According to her everybody is kind and docile. Watch the video and see what happened.

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